CNAS: Where Science Comes Together

Established in 2008, the CNAS lab is an interdiciplinary research program with lab space in the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Biology. The primary goal of the lab is to simultaneously accelerate scientific discovery in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience by utilizing a multi-faceted approach to addressing open research questions. Drawing on our unique perspective, diverse experiences, and varied set of tools our research focuses on the following questions:

  • How do the properties and interactions of neurons form the behavior of an organism?
  • How do the properties and interactions of organisms form the behavior of a population?
  • How do these properties and interactions change over time to maximize their fit into their environment?
  • How can we exploit knowledge about these properties and interactions to build next-generation Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems?
Equally important, the CNAS lab provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to engage in cross-cutting research work. Our goal is to provide a high-energy environment for students to develop their skills, explore their passions, and break free from the traditional confines imposed by their major area of study.